Make Your Home Energy Efficient By Double Glazed Doors

Insulated glass may also be termed as double glazed which may be utilized in doors. This may consist of two or three glass panes and the separating gaps may be filled up with insulating gas medium. This type of door may act as insulating envelope for that part of the building. In the industry, the double glazed term is used for the two glass panes separated by vacuum or gas filled layer to make the door insulated. For this reason, Double Glazed Doors are capturing market rapidly.


Utilities of Double Glazed Doors

For quality residential and commercial buildings, the people decide to install double glazed doors to reduce noise, pollution and heat transfer. The external Double Glazed Doors may be beneficial in many ways like reduction of noise, pollution, dust and noise. In this way, the efficiency of the doors increases in terms of reduction of heat transfer. The heat inside is trapped and cannot escape outside and hence electricity bills are reduced. Further, the doors are Eco friendly and come up with various styles and designs to look elegant.


Regulations for Double Glazed Doors


While designing the Double Glazed Doors, the security system is kept in mind. For the purpose of security of the Double Glazed Doors, the consumers should call the door specialist from a company operating in the local area. They should be reputed and qualified. There are some stringent regulations from the Government regarding the double glazed doors. The information from building regulations explores planning strategy and commitment of the Government to reduce the UK’s footprint of carbon.


Some major guidelines are formulated by the regulations for Double Glazed Doors. The points are listed below:

  • ·         Safety is related to the means of escape by exit glass
  • ·         Means of measure should be incorporated during emergency
  • ·         Thermal performance should cover the guidelines as efficiency
  • ·         Air supply and ventilation should be kept in consideration