Double Glazing Prices


What is double glazing?

Traditionally, single glazed windows were used, but they had various shortcomings. They were easy to break, permitted noise inside and were less energy-efficient. Double glazed windows eliminated all these limitations. Double glazing is a technique in which two glass panes are combined together with a spacer in between. The spacer is filled with either an inert gas or vacuum.

Why is double glazing preferred?

Double glazing windows are preferred over single glazed because they have several benefits.

·         Energy-efficient: Double glazed windows are energy-efficient. They trap the energy inside and do not let it escape.

·         Reduces carbon footprint: They also help in reducing CO2 emission which is always a good thing. It prevents carbon dioxide from escaping outside.

·         Lower electricity bills: Double glazing promotes energy-efficiency, which is why it doesn't let energy to escape. This is very helpful during winters as room temperature doesn't dip significantly. It results in lesser fuel requirement, lower electricity and gas bills.

·         Reduces noise pollution: Since the two layers of glasses are sealed together, it cuts out all the noise.


Double glazing windows and doors have become widely popular. People prefer them over traditional single windows and doors. Most of the houses nowadays are getting fitted and refitted with double glazed windows and doors. Thanks to the competitive market the double glazing doors and windows have become affordable. The pricing depends from place to place, but in countries like the UK where it has become common has following price range:

a.      uPVC windows: They may cost around 2400 pounds for the set of four.

b.      Aluminium windows: Four windows cost around 2700 pounds.

c.       Wooden windows: They are probably the most expensive and cost about 3500 pounds for the set of four.

Factors contributing to the Double Glazing Prices

1.      Type of framing used - uPVC, Aluminium or hardwood.

2.      Window Energy Rating (WER) - the higher this rating, the higher the cost.

3.      Type of glass installed - toughened, obscured or K glass.


4.      Type and quality of locking mechanism installed.

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